When is FORTA-FI® added to the asphalt mix and will it create problems for the asphalt producer?

No, FORTA-FI® is added bag and all, in the same location along with the RAP before the addition of the liquid asphalt.

While the fibers disperse uniformly in seconds, it’s best to allow as much mixing time as possible. The use of FORTAFI® will not require any special plant modifications.

Will FORTA-FI® create any placement or compaction problems? No, FORTAfied asphalt is placed and compacted exactly as conventional HMA.

How can such a small dose of FORTA-FI® do so much to strengthen my asphalt mix?

FORTA-FI® is a blend of several different fibers that each play an important role in the reinforcement of asphalt. The high temperature fibers are among the strongest fibers made, and are only 1/10th the diameter of a human hair. Some fibers are designed to melt into the asphalt mixture aiding in the dispersion and adhesion of the of the high-temperature fibers while enhancing both the cold and hot properties of your asphalt design. The combination of these fibers in the recommended dosage creates significant improvement in tensile strength with nearly nineteen million fibers within the asphalt mix.

Will doubling or tripling the dose of FORTA-FI® make my asphalt mix two or three times as strong as a single dose?

Research, and our many projects around the world have shown that the recommended dosage of one (1) pound bag of FORTA-FI® fibers per one (1) ton of asphalt is optimal in most circumstances. While there may be cases where different dosages may prove to be beneficial, those projects will need to be consulted and verified for each individual application.

How did you calculate the asphalt thickness savings and longevity increases?

Both the asphalt savings and increased longevity were calculated utilizing performance testing results conducted by Arizona State University and the Mechanistic Empirical Pavement Design Guide (MEPDG).

Is this new technology?

FORTA Corporation patented this technology in 1982 and has successfully used fiber-reinforcement in asphalt in several projects around the world. FORTA-FI® is the newest generation of fiber-reinforcement for asphalt, expanding into blends for Hot Mix Asphalt, Warm Mix Asphalt, and hot/ cold Asphalt Patch.

Can FORTA-FI® be mixed in either batch or drum plants?

Yes, the new packaging assures that FORTA-FI® will disperse uniformly in both batch and drum plants.

How long does it take FORTA-FI® to mix, and will it mix at high production speeds?

Provided the proper production temperatures are maintained, FORTA-FI® will disperse uniformly in seconds at all production speeds. High percentages of RAP may require longer mixing time.

How can FORTA-FI® save money on the initial project cost?

Immediate cost savings are made possible by reduction in asphalt thicknesses up to 35%. Additional savings are realized through shorter construction schedules, fewer trucks, fewer lifts, etc.

How can FORTA-FI® save money over the life of the project?

FORTAfied asphalt, of the same thickness and your conventional asphalt, will last more than *50% longer. Longer life results in less maintenance and resurfacing over the design life of the asphalt.

Is FORTA-FI® only for HMA, or can I use FORTA-FI® for WMA and Patch mixes as well?

FORTA-FI® is the newest generation of fiber-reinforcement for asphalt and has been expanded into blends for Hot Mix Asphalt, Warm Mix Asphalt, and hot/ cold Asphalt Patch mixes.

Does the Asphalt producer need to pre-measure the FORTA-FI® fibers?

No, FORTA-FI® is typically packaged in a one (1) pound bag per one (1) ton of asphalt dosage (bag and all). While different bagged dosages are available for batch mixing if necessary, the process still requires no measuring.

Are there any projects or case studies demonstrating the success of FORTA-FI®?

Results and details from our research project conducted by Arizona State University, as well as project profiles, and DOT pilot projects from PA, NY, OH, GA etc. To receive this information, contact a representative at FORTA Corporation or visit our website at www.forta-fi.com.  

What is the difference between reinforcing with FORTA-FI® fibers and woven mats?

FORTA-FI® fiber mixes three-dimensionally within the asphalt pavement. Woven mats are located underneath the base of the asphalt pavement. Because cracks can happen anywhere within the asphalt, FORTA-FI® fiber-reinforcement aids in strengthening the asphalt and reducing cracking wherever it may occur.  

Can asphalt with FORTA-FI® be recycled?


Can using FORTA-FI® be considered “green” and environmentally friendly?

Yes, less FORTAfied asphalt is required per job reducing the thickness and/ or better performance and longer pavement life reducing lifecycle costs.

Will FORTA Corporation provide technical assistance if needed?

FORTA Corporation will provide as much information as needed on our materials. Our expertise lies in developing and producing reinforcing fibers for designed asphalt mixtures or projects.

Are there any programs allowing me to try FORTA-FI® without risk?

Get FORTAfied! Risk-free trial offer is available for a limited time. This program provides the best opportunity to try FORTA-FI® on your nastiest application. Everyone has those areas that need to be resurfaced all too frequently, but due to logistics or budget, they can never be completed satisfactorily. When you see how well FORTA-FI® outperforms traditional asphalt, we hope you will consider FORTA-FI® for those tough situations and all of your asphalt projects. Full details can be found at www.forta-fi.com.